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Best Practices and Use Cases

Good morning from Scott Air Force Base!

We have this Federal & Government group, but other than the STIGs that get posted by CourtesyIT​ there isn't a lot of regular activity.  I would like to find out what products are in use out there, and how your organization may use it uniquely.

Personally, I am trying to work with some regional NOCs to export data from the Orion DB and aggregate it with other sensors (SCCM, SCOM, AD, etc).  With this information we can do holistic network trend analysis and things of that nature.  Since I am not currently a SolarWinds admin, I can't speak to how the instances are used other than device monitoring and configuration management.  What type of unique things do you do in your environment?  Do you employ things like NetPath in closed off networks? Do you utilize SQL to perform back-end reporting?

Finally, what weird things do you have to monitor?  Did you have to create your own work around to make it work?  I would like to foster some more collaboration here, as we may be able to help each other a bit better via other e-mail mediums if the question/issue can't be posted here for security purposes.