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Scheduler runs task continuously

I have several tasks setup to run at different time intervals on a daily basis.

After the time change for Daylight Savings Time on Sunday morning the tasks run as scheduled and then stop and re-start continuously.

I have tried re-starting the service, updating the task scheduler time and re-booting the server all to no avail.

Has anyone else seen this or does anyone have any ideas on how to correct it.

I am on FTP Voyager version

Never had this issue on any previous versions.

Is there a place to download version 15 again????

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I can confirm that this issue is still not fixed as of march 19th 2014 running I posted a new topic; hoping for resolution soon.

The entire purpose of FTP Voyager, in our environment is to AUTOMATE these processes; having to make changes every time DST changes is a major problem. What's the point in automation if it's unreliable.

Spot on! I could not agree more - having to reset DST every spring (it seems to handle autumn changes - presumably because the clock goes backwards and it just re-runs the task) is a complete pain and negates the principle of automation. I have several scheduled tasks which all need resetting - it takes about 1 hour each time. Not to mention the constant error alerts that are generated and need clearing. I wish this company would get their act together - it really should not be that difficult to fix.

Hi guys,

thanks for reporting this. I asked our QA to reproduce this and created a bug report under # 327616. We will look into why this is still present.



This just bit us in a big way as well.  Hadn't realized it was an issue with FTP Voyager until this past week.  Since our jobs have email on failure actions, we were spammed with thousands of emails while the jobs continuously looped.  I hope this is fixed soon.

Yeah, the warning emails are a real ball-ache! I got a couple of thousand before I realised what was happening - AGAIN! You probably know how to get round this:

It is possible to work around this by switching off DST on the PC, allowing all tasks to complete, setting DST back on and then resetting the start time of all tasks – but this  is a real pain to have to reset the schedules each spring. As this is supposed to be an automation process it is really cancelling the advantage of using FTPVoyager. I am sure it should be not that difficult to fix. It does not happen in the fall/autumn when DST changes – I guess because the clock is going back and the scheduler just re-runs the task.

The latest I got from SolarWinds was that they were "looking into fixing it in coming releases as soon as [they] identify the problem". Apparently RhinoSoft - the original writers - wrote the newest version so I guess the ball is being passed back to them.

So, fingers crossed - and a large note in the calendar for next Spring to watch out for it.......

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Level 7

Hello guys.

Several months ago, I faced the exact same problem with version, and support advised me upgrading to version which solved my problem.

At some point later I upgraded to the latest version, though.

Now that time changed again for Daylight Saving Time, problem came back!

After wasting some of my precious time looking for a workaround solution, I ended up downgrading back to which once again saved the day.

Give it a try!

If you don't have version handy, I can upload it for you. But I think this version is not free. It requires a valid license key.

Since the solution is here, I don't think it will take long to the developers for patching it up and releasing a new working version of this excellent software.


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I run and have experienced same problem - so I would not rely on installing that version as a remedy. In FTP Scheduler I could not interrupt the constantly running task. If I stopped the service and restarted it, it immediately restarted the rogue task. I had to go into FTP Voyager, and rename the ftp account of the rogue schedule. That stopped it running as presumably the task could not find the appropriate FTP account. I then renamed the account back to the original name and normal service was resumed. This avoided having to replicate the individual tasks in the schedule.  Clearly, if this is going to happen every time the clocks change it is pretty unworkable. Let us hope that someone at SolarWinds is listening and taking some action to resolve this issue.


I forgot to mention that after downgrading to you should delete and recreate your scheduled tasks (yes i know, this can be painful) in order for the above solution to work.


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Level 7


I hope that solution holds for you.

We tried the same approach and it worked for 1 day and the issue returned.

We reverted to an older version and that has worked flawlessly since.


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Hi Tom,

Since I did my work around (on 2 servers) I have not had the problem again. So it works fine for almost 2 days now. I hope it will stay that way. I have to say that the servers have not had a reboot. So I don't know what happens if they will reboot.

I still work with

I hope the bug is repaired before 27-10-2013 (next DST change).


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Level 15

Hi tsworten,

we are currently working on replicating this issue and investigating possible cause. Will keep you posted.


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Hi Peter,

Have you managed to reproduce the fault? Do you have any idea on timescales to get this fixed? Is there a workaround better than deleting and re-creating the tasks?



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Hi Malcolm,

We found this bug in our tests too. There is no date at the moment for launching of the fix, but as soon as I will have more information I will send it on Thwack. We are not aware of other workaround unfortunately.



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Actually there might be another workaround. Please go ahead and try:

  1. Shutdown Scheduler
  2. Edit Windows time settings so that the clock is no longer automatically update for DST (location of this setting varies based upon OS).
  3. Start Scheduler and let tasks run to complete.  They should no longer run over and over.
  4. Edit the tasks and reset the Start Date & Time so that it no longer has a pre-DST date/time in it (e.g., set it up for the next expected run time).
  5. Save the task

Step 2  should stop the infinite running of the task. Please let me know if that helps or any other feedback. In the meantime we are working on the fix.

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I followed these instructions then re-enabled DST. The tasks' scheduled start times changed by 1 hour after doing this so I corrected them. All seems to be working okay now.



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Having done what you suggest I can not Add and Action to an existing task and any new task I try to create will not allow me to add an action to it. The Add Action button is active, but when clicked, nothing happens.

I did raise this some time ago but was told this was associated with the DST bug. Can you confirm this is correct as at the moment I can not create tasks....??

I can start a separate discussion thread if you wish. Please advise.


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Can you try shutting down Scheduler, clearing his browser cache (IE if he’s using the built-in administrator), restarting Scheduler, and trying again please?

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Stopped Scheduler, cleared the browsing history in IE, restarted Scheduler; still can not add an action.

Have installed FTP Voyager on a different PC and the action button is working OK. Must be something on the server install that is causing the problem. I am prepared to uninstall FTPV on the server and reinstall; is there any way to export the current task settings to avoid me having to reinput them all again?

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Let me check if we know about this behaviour. Thanks, Peter

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Last weekend we had the same problem (clock in the Netherlands changed form 2 to 3).

Our FTP Voyager tasks also keep running continously (instead of evere 10 minutes / 1 hour). We also use mail-events. So we got more than 170.000 e-mails....

I found out that the only way to make the task work normaly is to delete the tast and make a new one.

I hope that the cause will be found & solved. Its a lot of work to correct everything! Not only to make the tasks again, but also deleting all those e-mails.


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