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integrate toolset with wireshark

integrate toolset with wireshark

if these two tools worked together seamlessly, we would have an ausome power tool to fix issues, and then zero in on them

the two tools complement each other

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Level 9

Wire shark and Solar-winds tools sets together....oh heart be still.  Just reading that commend made me hopeful that maybe someday two of my favorite products would be joined or at least work together to aid us in our never ending job of troubleshooting a network.  No matter how stable an environment is something will go wrong....horribly wrong and you will have to quickly pull out your bag of tricks to correct the problem.

Level 11

Bonus points if the toolset could actually set up the capture on a router/switch/firewall that supports it, download the capture and optionally present it in a browser based wireshark.

Level 17

While it would be cool to see, I don't think SolarWinds would have the power to integrate with a product like WireShark that they don't own.

Level 13

WireShark is an open-source project. If the necessary APIs don't exist, Solar Winds could contribute them.

Level 7

This will be very helpful!

Level 8

I wish that solar winds had it own flavor of wireshark.

Level 16

I vote we name it PacketThwackit and the first 6 commentors to the thread get a free copy!

Level 12

Sounds like a good idea to me.

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Community Manager
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