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Engineers Toolset: User Experience enhancements

Engineers Toolset: User Experience enhancements

ETS has been around for quite some time now. It is high time that it also received it's due

User Experience is supposed to be constantly upgraded.

A few things that need to be done -

  • Pop-up or highlight a Node Down or Interface down : Under the Network Monitor using Toolset Launchpad, the engineer using the desktop version may have toolset minimized so it would be nice for the engineer to see a POP-UP for a node down or interface down. If the window is not minimized, it would be helpful to see a simple highlight of Node down or Interface down status.
  • Maintenance Mode or Mute mode for Nodes: If the engineer is already aware of the node down status, it would be nice for him to mute or put that node in Maintenance mode.
  • Multicast Monitoring utility: A long pending request on the lines of the mping 

A few others also pending from other community members


Thwacksters are requested to add to this small list.

ETS Development - pls enhance this wonderful tool, needs some sprucing up

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Level 12

Thanks for sending this up, Ravi  ! I'd like to talk to you further about these ideas if you're open to having a conversation. THWACKSTERS, we are working on some serious UX upgrades and revamping of tools. Tell me what are your top 5 Tools in ETS.... AND GO!

Level 12

Will be glad to help Let me know what time works .. we may have to keep the time zones in mind, though

Level 12

RaviK​, you have mail!

li-migration Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open for Voting