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TFTP service not starting in 10.9.1

The TFTP service in 10.9.1 refuse to start on Windows 7 64 bits...  It is reporting a port conflict but there is no UDP 69 or TCP 8099 in use...  After removing 10.9.1, cleaning the registry and installing 10.9.0 with HF1/2/3, TFTP start without problem.  Anybody seen this?



Can you shed more light on the type of environment you are running toolset on? Do you have other Solarwinds products installed along with Toolset?Have you upgraded from any previous toolset versions?If yes, which one?Typically, port contention could lead to such trouble.Glad to be of assistance.


New Win7 64 station, no other product install except Office (not running), and WS_FTP pro client (not running)s.  AV had been removed, service running with local account or domain account, all windows service stop except the bare minimum, Netstat report no in use port that TFTP and it's manager use

Removing 10.9.1 (and all the registried left behind by the uninstall prog), I was able to install 10.9.0 and the TFTP service was fine....

Station have been reformat and I will install 10.9.0 this morning.

We have tested the installations of 10.9.1 and upgrades from previous releases and could not find any problems with TFTP running on a Win 7 station.I would like to more on how your environment is setup,like the firewalls/antivirus.Check to see if they are all disabled and ready to accept traffic.

Kaspersky was installed for the first attempt but even after removal, no change.  10.9.0 is currently running without problem on the same PC (after restoring the last checkpoint capture before installation).  As state before, Netstat report no conflict.

Just for a following, with support, I have installed 10.9.1 on a brand new system, Win7 64, French version, localise with US setting, and still the TFTP service complain about another process using some port but Netstat report no conflict.  We had to uninstall the TFTP service and install TFTP 10.9.0 over the 10.9.1 system.

This TFTP service is working so, there is a problem in the new TFTP system.  It probably doesn't show up with each install


we've identified the issue in TFTP server shipped with Toolset 10.9.1. It'll be fixed in future releases.

For now you can use this workaround:

Create a local group named "Everyone" manually and add as members all the users you want to work with TFTP Server. This group is then used for accessing TFTP Rootdir (by default "C:\TFTP-Root") - all the group members will have full permissions to that directory.

Another workaround is to use TFTP Server from 10.9.0.

We're sorry for this inconvenience.

Jan Manek

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