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Level 7

cannot start TFTP ... ... on port 69 !

the message is
"cannot start TFTP server, a TFTP serveur is already running on port 69 !"
I don't understand !?
I have uninstall, and install again, but nothing !
I have see with "portqry.exe" and any one Port 69 is used ...!
what process is no good ...
what can I do ?

excuse-me but a dont write anglish very well
merci de votre aide (thanks for your help)
Bruno of France
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Level 8



If you are running on a server, make sure that there is only one user logged into server.  This is especially true if you use RDP/Terminal Services to connect to server...



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Level 15


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Level 7

Salut Bruno

J'ai le même problème. Tu as trouve la solution? Si oui, peux tu m'envoyer comment resoudre ceci.

Merci d'avance,
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