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Solorwinds EE database full in 2 month

i Just purchase EE after comfigura in Dell Workstation.

1) Windows XP Pro
2) Monitoring 40 node + 280 Elements of Cisco router , Bay network
3) Detail statics keep 30 days, 1 hours keep 60 Days.
4) only use Network Performance Monitor to polling utilization
5) Delete all event every week

I found the database is full after every 2 1/2 month, the " SWNetPerfMon.cfg " is reach 2.0GB and Solarwinds EE is stop running. need delete the file and poll again. because microsoft Jet Database engine maximum can support is 2.0GB database.

So how to solve this problem?
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I found that the "Nightly Database Maintenance" does not work automatically at the specified period.

Maybe I'm missing a configuration somewhere but I have to run it manually about once a month and it works fine (besides the fact that it is very long!)

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There is a utility in the SolarWinds folder for repairing and compacting the database. The file is NetPerfMon-Maint.exe.

I'm monitoring 1268 network nodes and 348 interfaces and have not had a problem. I compress about once a quarter.
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But this begs a bigger question -How many nodes can be monitored 24 x 7 before the db fills up and monitoring dies making the product useless?

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I feel your pain!
I am having same type of problem. At 1.3GB the database crashes. I've reset it and had it up for 2wks and is at 454MB already. I don't want to have to delete everything all the time because we have so many access points to various places and my bosses like to see the pictures of usage/performance over period of time.
What can I do about this?


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If you go to NPM and click on help ----> About Network Performance Monitor. How many nodes/interfaces are you monitoring. I'm monitoring 32nodes, 782 interfaces and I have been running NPM for about a year and only had to rebuild the database once in that time because it exceeded the size limit. Maybe you are monitoring more then it can handle. There are a few tweaks you can do to the database itself if you open it with access. You can find some of those tweaks at the solarwinds knowledge base.

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