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Setup paging with network performance monitor

Hello all, Inside the solarwinds network performance manager I've set up an alarm to e-mail as well as page me when a node goes down but I'm not receiving the pages. I have a metrocall pager issued from work and I set up the alarm to page me with my # (example) Does anyone know of any issues with paging from this software or why it would stop working? When I page myself through Microsoft Outlook using the same I immediately get the page; so something is not right with the software! Please if anyone can help I'd appreciate it. Thanks, ~ZO

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I do not see where you stated your Mail routing gateway. If the Mail gateway is not correct or does not allow mail from the SolarWinds machine than the messages will not go out.

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Your Paging/SMS Service Provider may only accept mail from a valid
e-mail address/domain. Do you have the "from" field filled out with a valid domain as well?
Your SMTP server for outbound mail, may not be the same one Outlook
uses to send mail.... ?

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What happens if you just set up the alarm to send you an email to your Outlook? Do you get it? If that works, there is no reason you shouldn't get the page. Is the computer part of your domain? If not you may need to install IIS and set up a SMTP relay pointer so your server knows where to send mail.

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