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SNMP Issues

I am having issues with SNMP from the Network Sonar Discovery Wizard.

I am using SNMP v2c with the community string of public on my Cisco ASA Firewall which is also our main, core, router.

SNMP errors out when I put in the ASA's IP address and says - "Error: Could not determine community string." - please see attached file.

I don't know why this is not working since I have triple checked everything.

Any ideas...?



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Been awhile since I've worked with ASA's, but usually it has something to do with either the interface you're trying to poll, usually its best to do the internal interface on the FW if Solarwinds is on the inside.   Either that or security, make sure the traffic is permitted on whatever relevant interface.   

There are a ton of troubleshooting steps for ASA's with SNMP,   Make sure you're looking at the right OS revision docs, but here is one.


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Thank you - I appreciate the feedback...

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