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Phishing Simulator?

Does Solarwinds have a way to send out phishing emails to employees to test?


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Not that I am aware of. Our site uses a hosted solution where they handle the entire process. Drafting the fake emails, sending to the users, and collecting the results. I am not sure the cost but the service seems to be very useful and having a list of the folks who fell for the bait is a VERY powerful coaching tool. We have metrics that show a dramatic decrease in the number of users who clicked the URL or opened the attachment each time a test was done. These lists became a fun IT topic as we were able to see who got duped on our teams. I now find myself hesitant to even open legit email out of fear its a trap. In the end the service was a success, users are now more careful about what they click. If you would like more info about the service PM me.

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We do something similar.  One suggestion I have if you are considering it; look at the people that fall the the phishing attempt and those that don't fall for it - ever.  Obviously those that fell for it need training.  Those that never fall for it, maybe decrease the frequency of the tests they see and/or have them help spread the word of how to spot a phish.

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