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Networkmonitoring from Home-Computer


We have to look for a Tool which enables us to check/monitor the company's network. This network will have Home-Users. Some of this home-users will be administartors, which has to be able to work with those tools from their Home-Computers.

I think solarwinds will be able to do so, but I was not able to find a description on the homepage about this. Allso the subjects of the topics are not giving informations about this.

Does anybody know how this will go with Solarwinds? Can I install an Admin-Tool on a Laptop and connect using RAS, ISDN or another conection and use all tools of solarwinds for checking the Company's Network?

Thanx for all feedback,
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I also check my network from home by using VPN and the Remote Desktop Connection from Microsoft.
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The way I use it to check the network from home is to VPN into my network, then remote control (we use VNC) into the SolarWinds server to do whaever you need to do.

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If you really want a untility capable of remote administration and user rights, you need to look at ORION. If only one user at a time is going to be administering, then you could use the toolsets EE and use some sort of Remote Desktop utility. I use Timbuktu but I have DSL for my home connection. If your using dial up and RAS, a remote desktop utility may not be your answer.

Lockheed Martin
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This will work, but you will have to have a license per machine.

I install a remote control program (pcAnywhere, Windows Terminal Services, etc) on my Network Management station and then I log in to it remotely from home to use the Solar winds tools.

Ric Knight
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