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Is Toolset still being actively developed?

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Is Toolset still being actively developed?

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Hey all, yes we are! In upcoming weeks, you will see an update to the Engineer's Toolset Roadmap. Please stay tuned!

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Yes it is! Are there any features specifically you are looking for?

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Ding, any word on Engineers Toolset. Have not seen anything come out since 11.06, a lot of the Toolsets for the desktop are outdated.

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I agree with adding Switch Port Mapper to Orion (maybe update the gui while you are at it)!

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A general overhaul of GUI's of the tools to bring them into line with Orion's GUI design, at the moment they look dated and are clunky to use.

Further tool integration with NPM, the couple that are already there is a start but being able to do a MIB walk from the device in Orion would be great or being able to open switch port mapper would be another one I'd be interested in seeing in NPM.

A working SCP server would be great as it crashes continually on all the servers and desktops I've tried to run it on and it is so slow at starting.

That's my starter for ten.

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Bump. I guess the silence says no?


I can try to get you two some answers!

aLTeReGo - do you happen to know who is in charge of the engineer's toolset?

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3 weeks and nothing...

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That would be ding

Any word on this?  Currently the desktop version documentation states Windows Server 2012 R2 as the latest it supports.  Is this true?  I saw mention of 2016 support but the Toolset Administrator Guide still says 2012R2.  That's an 8 year old OS...  Can we PLEASE get info.  I understand not wanting to over-promise, but total silence is making it hard for me to get traction when it comes to renewals.  I had a protracted battle with management about renewing support because of this type silence.  Help me HELP YOU!!


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