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How many devices do you have in the network monitor & network performance monitor ?

Hi guys!

How many devices you are polling in the network monitor ?

Not in the "Network Performances Monitor" but into the tool "Network Monitor".

Thank you.

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Level 11

I have more than 300 devices without issues. Why you ask? Any errors?

More than 300 device... Great Info.

I'm not able to read something / somewhere about the "potentiality" of this useful tool.

What happen if I should  monitor something like 1000 Host?

Can I replace my Nagios with 1000 device  (working only like ping monitor) with the tool "Network Monitor" ?

Thank you.

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I have >2000 devices monitored in my lab.. since the VM where my Toolset is installed is not very "high-end" its bit slower but works..



2000 Device ?  Really?!!!

Thanks for the Info!

I'm using Nagios for a simple ping monitor for  +/- 1000 host-devices but now I'm undestanding I can replace it with "Network Monitor tool"

I have My Engineer Toolset 10.10 on a VM Windows Server 2003 SP2  with 4GB Ram

I'm monitoring into Network performances Monitor +/-150 Network Node & +/- 1300 Interface.

I'm collecting traffic & errors statistics only for +/- 100 interface (on the CORE & distribution devices).

In the access devices I'm monitoring only the state UP/DOWN....

I used Nagios before, until I found Solarwinds Toolset. Just like Nagios, you can also view charts of the nodes response time, very easy and user friendly charts. I guess the number of nodes supported is not the issue with this tool but the amount of data it can handle. Others said that this tool uses MS Access database file hence limited up to 2GB only. Make sure to run Network-Monitor-Maint.exe on a regular basis. The frequency depends on database growth.

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