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How can I change the default location of the Network Monitor and Network Performance Monitor databases?

Due to disk space issues I would like to relocate the Network Monitor and Network Performance Monitor databases to a local 😧 drive on my Engineers Toolset box.  Is this possible? if so what are the configuration options that need changing?

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Sorry for delay with answering your question. Here is what we found as possible approach.

Moving NPM DB

  • Close NPM
  • Create a file named: SWNetPerfMon.DB in the install location (Usually <Program Files>\SolarWinds\Engineer's Edition\)
  • In the file, place the following line:

          Connection=Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Mode=Share Deny None;Data Source=c:\swnetperfmon.cfg

          *BUT* replace the c:\swnetperfmon.cfg with the actual path and filename to your file.

This will not work for the Network Monitor though.

What you can do to save some space is to compact the DB.

Both of the DBs (and almost all in Toolset) are nothing more than just Microsoft Access databases with different file extension (.cfg). So if you rename them to .mdb, you can open in MS Access. One of the disadvantage of that DB is that even if you remove some rows from the DB the DB file size is not reduced. So it grows and grows and grows (the limit is something less than 2GB). Fortunately there is a tool which can compact it – it doesn’t remove any data, it just “remove gaps” and file size is then dramatically reduced. You can do it using MS Access DB, or better using our internal tools which are not available in the Start menu, but just in Toolset installation directory (Network-Monitor-Maint.exe for Network Monitor).

Please let us know if it helped and whether you would need us to investigate other options.

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Hi Jiri.skrabal.

There is a way like a script or something to automate the NPM  "compact & repair" and restart the NPM ?

Thank you.

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Level 17

Are you using the Win32 Engineer's Toolset App?

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This is the NPM  included in the Engineers toolset.  It is installed on a WIN 2003 R2 x64 server.

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