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Level 7

Cisco ACL Editor

I just installed the new Toolset ver. and want to give the new features a try.

Unfortunately the ACL Editor doesn't work.

When I open the tool in a new tab, I always get an exception.

And when I create a new Tab and drag and drop the tool into that tab it looks like a picture an I can't do anything with that gadget.

Anyone have a suggestion what went wrong with my installation ?



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Level 15

We just introduced a new product which covers this: FSM, Firewall Security Manager, more here

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Level 14

Goose - Can you collect and email the diagnostics? 

Nav to the Toolset installation folder (usually %Program Files%\SolarWinds\Toolset) and run the file: SWToolsetDiagnostics.exe.

If it is too large, PM me and I will give you an upload link.



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Goose - I replied to your email with some instructions to repair.

For anyone else with a similar issue, I suggest that you call our support group for immediate assistance.



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