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Add SSH/Telnet to Engineer Toolset on Web

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I try to integrate SSH/Telnet tool in the Orion Web Console, so everyone can use the tool from their PC instead of login to the Orion server.

How to adding SSH/Telnet to that I found in Toolset Launch Pad to the Toolset on Web.

Thank you,

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Thank you!, That is what I'm looking for.

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In the mean time you can also create an SSH protocol handler on your local machine to launch your terminal client software.  I've done this successfully using Kitty (putty fork) and Secure CRT

KiTTY - SSH Handler

SecureCRT - FAQ‌‌

  -Marc Netterfield

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- Marc Netterfield, Github
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Have you submitted a Feature Request?   Engineer's Toolset Feature Requests

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Thank you, I already submitted on this topic

But can anyone confirm that the SSH/Telnet feature can not add to the Toolsets on Web.

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