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Enterprise IDs once EOC is installed.

Enterprise IDs once EOC is installed.

Once the EOC is installed, there needs to be a better way to tie NodeID's. This could also be used for other reports that are not global. It could be something as a new able with siteID - NodeID.  This would make reporting and SWQL writing simpler

Thank you

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A work around I am now using is  (snippet)

FROM Orion.NodesCustomProperties NCP   

JOIN Orion.Nodes N on NCP.NodeID = N.NodeID AND NCP.OrionSite.SiteID = N.OrionSite.SiteID

JOIN Orion.UDT.PortUsage PU ON PU.NodeID = N.NodeID AND PU.OrionSite.SiteID = N.OrionSite.SiteID

Main Point is the Join on 2 fields in my case I was used NodeID and SiteID  from 3 tables,  in the entire query.

the Property NodeID was the same values in all 3 tables. I used the built in JOIN to OrionSite.SiteID, which was allowed in all thre3 tables

siteID NodeID            colum1                              2     portct     datetime         

152Host1NetworkDevice_SwitchesX1072019-11-12 13:00:00
252Different hostNetworkDevice_SwitchesY2612019-11-26 15:00:00

In the modified for security output you can see how now the separate NODEID made that row distinct.

without the AND in the ON part of the join

although site would show different the other values would come from the first NodeID it found.  When using EOC NodeID is no longer unique as every site that ties into the EOC the Orion Server starts with NodeID 1.

I wish I found this a month ago.

I hope this helps someone.

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