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Class: "Taking on an Existing Orion Implementation: Where to get Started"

Class: "Taking on an Existing Orion Implementation: Where to get Started"

This isn't a request for a feature, so much as it is a request for a specific class tailored to those of us who are tasked with taking on management of an existing Orion deployment.   The Orion platform and it's many modules can be daunting to a beginner, and taking over a deployment that was done by someone else can be a challenge even to a person experienced with Orion.   Some guidance would be helpful on:

     - What are the reports you should run first to get a handle of your overall deployment

     - How to determine the overall health of the implementation

     - What signs to look for that might indicate that Orion wasn't set up or used properly

     - What are the most common missteps in Orion deployments and how to see if it applies to you

     - What are the best questions to ask your team to determine if you're monitoring and alerting on the right things

These are, of course just suggestions, but I think that there would be a real world interest in a course like this.

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Hi, we are actually going to be doing a THWACKcamp session on this topic. Stay tuned for the session time/registration. One way to check your implementation is against the best practices in our getting started guides - also be sure to check your current system against the recommended requirements. All this info can be found here:

New optimization checklist:

We offer training and office hours on Fridays where you can chat with our trainers.

We also have an offering, Smart Start, which is good for customers who want to work one on one with an implementation expert to walk through the best practices and ensure the system is working well.

For older implementations you can also run active diagnostics - video:

In the latest release this info is presented in a report in Orion:

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This is all great information, and I'm so glad that there will be a session regarding this at THWACKcamp!   I can't wait to see it.   Thank you for all of this info!  I wish I had all of this when I was getting started with SolarWinds back in January, but it's still great to have now.

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