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Add local authentication(not tied to windows users or AD) in EOC

Add local authentication(not tied to windows users or AD) in EOC

I have local users in NPM and I am expanding to a 2nd NPM. I want to provide a single front end for them. There are local users to the NPM which are not in the windows accounts, nor are they AD accounts. In many cases these are external to our company and I need to be able to support them and tying into the windows account system is not practical over hundreds or thousands of users.

This should include the following:

1) When expanding to EOC with two NPM systems there should be a method to sync the accounts automatically.

     This way any existing users from the local NPM user list already have access to EOC and any other additional NPM's with the view limitations sync'ed already.

2) A method to add new accounts into EOC which propagate down to the NPM's.

     Or at least a way to trigger a sync from item 1 anytime I wish.

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I think it is unreasonable to ask someone to create a local account on the server to use instead of being able to just add a local account, like I can with NPM.  I'd like to be able to add a test account to test changes that are for non-Admin users that can easily be added and removed without having to remote into the server, create an account, go back to EOC do my testing, then go back into the server.  Seems peculiar. 

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Community Manager
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