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Extremely Long SWQL query that works in SWQL Studio but not in EOC reports.

I have an SWQL query that takes 9+ minutes to run in SWQL studio, However when I try to move it to the report I keep getting invalid error.  My personal belief is there is a configuration timeout setting I need to adjust somewhere, or a size configuration in EOC, but I cannot seem to find it. I opened a case with support and they suggested I bring this up in the forum.


Is anyone running large SWQL reports that hit multiple sites and minimum 4 tables?  There is +- 6000 lines of SWQL including comments and ISNULL calculations.


If anyone has any idea where I can look to help solve this problem or Ideas I really would appreciate it. Right now, I am running them manually every day and moving them to a folder.

Thank you


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By EOC, do you mean that your making it a resource on the page?   One thing I've noticed is if you don't have a sort order clearly defined you get strange errors.

Can you just run this as a scheduled report in the Web Report writer or something?   

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I wasn't clear. The SWQL runs in SWQL studio, it fails when taking that SWQL and creating a new report Custom->Table->Advanced Database Query (SWQL) in the EOC. The amount of tables I used for these reports and the joins I was unable to use any of the other methods. I have smaller reports that use the same Base SWQL, but for a lack of better term the larger reports have 11 modules of conditions, the smaller ones have maybe 3, as the other 8 don't apply.  

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Product Manager

@tmcurry can you share the support case number please?  We can investigate.  

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Case # 00474775 - EOC report Builder "Query Invalid"

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