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files in c:\windows\syswow64\

I noticed recently that my syswow64 folder has been growing and when I looked in there I found a copy of every document I have uploaded to an FTP site through the FTP Voyager Scheduler. I have 5 different upload tasks and only the 2 tasks setup with events have placed files in c:\windows\syswow64\. All of my scheduled tasks use the 'move up' command so it deletes the original file. I don't see anything in my log files to indicate something like this is happening. I thought it might be related to the events setup. I turned off the event for 1 of the 2 tasks and still files were appearing in syswow64. I then restarted the service thinking that might be what it needs but still the files are being created in the syswow64. Has anybody seen this before? How can I stop this?



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