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Turn SQL query into Dashboard/Report

I have (what I hope) is a ridiculously simple question that has probably been answered before (in which case, please respond with link and
I’d be happy to shut down this thread).  I expect no shortage of quick responses with the appropriate level of hazing for such a silly request, comments and general mockery are welcome.

I would like to turn a query run in SQL Server Management Studio into a dashboard/report generated from SW with certain column results in
graphical representations.  This is for everyday activities done during Night Jobs (not at a set or scheduled time).  We query the database through SSMS inside the server (entire application group is live in Orion), total files imported are broken down into the specific statuses the claims are in after an automated adjudication process.  Currently we copy/paste the grid into an email for a distribution group, I would like to turn specific result columns into different visual representations. 

I’m hoping this is something as simple as inputting the query into a SW field somewhere and pointing it to the server in question, I just don’t know where to do so.  When I worked nights I took it upon myself to learn how to use SW to monitor server health while running jobs, this has somehow turned me into an “expert” in the eyes of management even though I’ve never actually CREATED anything in here.

Attached is a screenshot of the results grid, I've highlighted some of the column totals I'd like pulled for the reports.

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