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Trigger Action: Send a POST request to a web server - But what about Headers???

So, I noticed another discussion on here that never really resolved anything but just ended in "use PowerShell for now cause reasons", and that's not an option atm.

Anyway, we use JAMS Scheduler to automate creating tickets in our ticketing system, and JAMS has a REST API that allows us to create tickets simply by passing a header and body to a URI, which is great!

But now we want to integrate this into Solarwinds alerts, where the trigger action is to send a POST request to our JAMS server to create a ticket. The problem we're running into is the fact that there is no field for headers...


Only for the URL/URI to the API, and a body to post. See, I don't know any API's that DON'T use security, and almost all of them pass in authorization/authentication via the headers in an API request.

So, my question is, what do we do now? We really want to use this alert trigger action, but it seems you're missing a vital field to make this possible.


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Did you ever find out if one can pass header information?
I'm trying to do something similar and also feel like it should be an option to pass header and body info with the POST call.

Powershell works okay but it would be nice to use this built-in function in Orion.