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Swap Usage and Linux Agent

Hi.  I have some Ubuntu 16.04 VM's connecting to a SW server via the Linux Agent.  When I list resources, per VM, i see my first disk (/dev/sda) but not the disk which contains the swap partition (/dev/sdb).  If I configure the VM's to use SNMPv3 rather than the agent then I see the swap space however I then lose the ability to see disk IOP's.  My questions would be:

  1. Is it possible to get the swap space info when using the Linux agent?
  2. Is it possible to view IOP's using SNMPv3?
  3. Is it possible to use the agent and SNMPv3 (assuming that IOP's are viewable via the agent and swap space is viewable via SNMP polling)?


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Re: Swap Usage and Linux Agent

SWAP usage is not a metric available via the Linux Agent today but will be in a future release. As for SNMP, IOPS information is available depending upon Linux distribution, but it does not relate and cannot be mapped back to monitored volumes on the system.

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