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Level 11

Report on a custom property?

Not sure if i am being stupid, but i cant work out how to report on a custom property for a graph.

Basically, i have a custom porperty called managed_updates and the options are either auto / managed 1 / managed 2 / managed 3 / non-windows

What i would like to do is have a bar graph shows the total number of nodes with each property.

I can't work it out.

Any help would be great!

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Level 8

Re: Report on a custom property?

I think this will work for you - I was looking for a similar report, but I did a custom table. I needed to step through it to explain:

1. Go to Reports > Manage Reports > New Report,

2. Do your normal setup (header) for the report

3. When you add content, use the Custom Chart resource

4. on Step 2. use DQB for the Selection Method and choose the "Advanced Selector"

5. I want to report on ___ (I chose Interface because that's where the custom property I wanted is applied)

6. Choose to add an AND/OR condition

7. Click the linked space marked "Select Field..." and choose/search for your Custom Property field and then on the right select the condition

8. Add a Selection Name and click "Add to Layout"

9. Finish the report as normal.

I hope this helps!

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