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Node Details URL in custom SQL Report

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I make a lot of custom SQL reports now that the Web Report Designer allows me to publish them with more style than before.  However, I am not able to get the nice automatic Node Details links to appear for each returned Node.  I looked at several .OrionReport files and these all appear to have some complex XML formatting to handle the URL.  Thing is, the Custom Table editor has a "Display Setting" for "Display Page Link", but I keep getting the following error...

URL - 'Details Page Link' data presenter requires 'db|DetailsUrl' field(s) to be present within the datasource

What should I query and how should I format it to get this column to do what was available in the original Report Writer?

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getting warmer - I was able to get yours to work with




   ,'/Orion/NetPerfMon/NodeDetails.aspx?NetObject=N:'+CAST(Nodes.NodeID as varchar(256)) as 'DetailsURL'

Then when you select columns skip the detailsurl or you can hide it - add Details Page Link display setting to your caption column and it should no longer complain since it finds a detailsURL column to pull from. LMK

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