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No user logons to a Windows Server for 60 days


Can someone please help me with a script to check if no user has logged on to a windows server within 60 days please? There currently isn't an alert capable of doing this, so a PowerShell script will have to be used. Would I be able to run this script as part of the application template and then apply to an alert?

I have contacted SolarWinds SUpport who told me that this is being possibly looked at as a feature addition for the future.



N.B. If this is the wrong discussion board, please can someone let me know what the best place would be?

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Yeah, you would just need to set up the powershell with the correct format. From some quick googling you could get the max timestamp from something like this and just set it up so that if the timestamp is < 60 days ago you give a statistic: 1 else statistic:0

I've always found this to be the most helpful threads on learning how the powershell component should work,
- Marc Netterfield, Github

Thanks - 

I had started googling myself and have come across this:

Will take a look at your suggestions and keep that in mind for the future. Glad my thought process was on the right track..


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