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Level 15

Monitoring IVR using a phone call

I was just asked if Orion can monitor the IVR by making phone a phone call.  We recently had an issue where a PRI (old school T1 to PBX) went down and we were not getting the IVR calls to the IVR system, all services were running, so Orion wasn't alerting about it.

I see something that could work from IVR Monitoring | Call Center Monitoring | TelcoAlert , but I want everything natively in Orion.

Has anyone done this?

Scripting is no problem, but I just can't find a thread to start pulling on to find the solution at the end.

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Level 7 will monitor your phone circuits and phone system with a phone call. Pretty cheap and easy to setup...

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Level 7

Try this tool Call Center Quality Monitoring. IVR Testing » Phone Number Monitoring​ . It makes real phone calls and run different scenarios in all stages of IVR system. If your line is busy, does not answer or failures are detected in the IVR menu tree you will be alerted via SMS, email or phone call.

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Level 15

So no bites?  I was hoping I wasn't the only person with this.  Ah, well.

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