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Issues trying to install net-snmp on HP-UX 11.31


I'm a newby using Solarwinds and net-snmp.

I've just learned that Solarwinds and snmp on HP-UX doesn't talk very well. I've installed custom polls, but they didn't work really weel for me.

So, I've uninstalled snmp and installed net-snmp following instructions on

root@erc001:/root >uname -a

HP-UX erc001 B.11.31 U ia64 3624678804 unlimited-user license

root@erc001:/root >swlist -l product | grep -i snmp

  Net-SNMP              A.18.00- Simple Network Monitoring protocol

Nest step should be:

1) Create Net-SNMP Configuration File (snmpd.conf) :

# sudo /opt/iexpress/net-snmp/bin/snmpconf -g basic_setup

root@erc001:/root >/usr/local/bin/sudo /opt/iexpress/net-snmp/bin/snmpconf -g basic_setup

Warning: No snmpconf-config file found in /usr/local/share/snmp/snmpconf-data/basic_setup

no such group basic_setup

Thanks for helping,


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