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IP Monitor - sophos utm

Hello everyone,

I am starting with SolarWinds IP Monitor - Free edition. running version 10.9.1. I am trying to get some information on my Sophos UTM 9 / firewall. I've got it added, it is my only device, got snmp connected. IP monitor was able to figure out its OS, other IP addresses, and a list of all of its interfaces. However, it isn't giving me any historical or real time information on the bandwidth utilization. That's the number 1 thing that I am after. The UTM interface will give me current utilization and a daily / weekly averages, but it won't let me drill down on the past hour or look at a hourly metrics from 3 days ago.

So, these are my questions....

1). Do any of you have an experience working with Sophos UTM? Were you able to get good information?

2). Does IP Monitor allow you to load a MIB? The UTM has a mib that I can download, but I can't figure out where to load it into ip monitor.

3). I ran Network Performance Monitor for about 5 years at my last job. But, I don't have the  money for it here. So, I am trying to get by. Where is the wall of functionality where I'm going to want to stop using IP monitor and move up?

4).Also, I have printer at a remote site. I'd like IP monitor to simply ping that printer and keep a record of when it is up / down. I was able to add it, but couldn't find a ping-only monitor. Should it be able to do that?


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