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IP Address Tracker uninstall issue

Hi there,

I have done an installation by just running the file 'SolarWinds-IPAT-FreeTool-v4.3.exe' I found inside ''. You can see all the stuff I installed/modified on my pc in the attached image.

Now I do need to fully uninstall all the programs I have installed, and I must be really careful, because I am on my Boss PC. I have searched for uninstall details on the Internet, but I found nothing usefull.

Can anyone suggest me how to do it, or where to find a reliable tutorial?

Thank you, really, in advance.

ps: I'm using WIndows10 OS

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Re: IP Address Tracker uninstall issue

Please use Windows Programs and Features to Uninstall all SolarWinds software.  If you are still having difficulties please use Windows Uninstall Utility listed below.

Uninstall Using Microsoft Fix it | Download & Install | Autodesk Knowledge Network

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