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Hotfix implementation in Orion 2018.4


Can some one please provide me the steps to apply hotfix in Orion 2018.4. I want to apply hotfix on my management server which is acting as a main poller as well.

I have my poller in HA. Let me know what steps I need to follow to implement the hotfix. also let me know will there be a downtime?? and how much minimum downtime should I define.


Ankita Jaju

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From the Customer Portal you can download offline installer for any product that you own - it should contain latest HotFixes for that version. Then run it on the Main server first, then on the HA backup and any Additional Pollers/Websites that you have.

Regarding downtime - HF installation is usually faster than regular update, but it all depends on your machines performance, DB size, etc. So to be safe - count that your main server would be down for an hour at least (it might be ok in 15 minutes, but better to be prepared).

You can utilize Centralized Upgrades to update all servers outside of you main one - once you main server is updated - navigate to 'My Orion Deployment' page and then 'Updates available' tab and continue with the upgrade wizard.


I have management server, which is acting as a poller as well. Management/poller servers are in HA. On this server I want to install hotfix. 

Purpose of hotfix implementation is to solve the issue related to ACI poller. After deleting the device from SW, still SW server is trying to authenticate with the device.

Is the Hotfix is product basis hotfix? like different for management server, different for poller, different for APE or it is centralized?

If it is then do I need to install first for management server, then on same server for poller? Do I need to implement the hotfix on all the other regions poling engine as well to get them compatible with management server??

Please answer .

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Hotfixes are generic. They are applied to all Orion servers the same way. Start with your primary, main Orion server, then the HA backup. Finally, then install it on any other scalability engines in the environment (Additional Polling Engines / Additional Web Servers).

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Centralized Upgrade is only available in the 2019.2 and later releases, so you will need to upgrade to take advantage of that capability.

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Actually - first version of Centralized Upgrade is available from 2018.2, and 2018.4 version should be able to properly upgrade automatically all scalability engines