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Re: DNS Report Feedback & Thoughts

Thanks, Mark. I will take a look at what the old DNSreport did for the e-mail linking - I imagine there was an authentication bypass if you were accessing it from an e-mailed link and we overlooked that with the move (there was a similar case with Mail Server Test Center where a couple of tools needed to bypass the normal authentication mechanisms, so it looks like we found one more).

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Re: DNS Report Feedback & Thoughts

First, thanks for the opportunity to share my feedback. I'm glad that you guys are listening. 

Now for the feedback. It seems I don't need to say anything that hasn't already been said, but here goes anyway.

I use the DNS Report on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. I was very disappointed when the new version rolled out. It's made my job more difficult, and has lost a lot of its value to me.

I prefer the old report because it was EASY to locate information. The new report has thrown readability out the window. Two big thumbs down.

If there was an option to revert back to use old version of the report, I'd sure appreciate it.

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Re: DNS Report Feedback & Thoughts

This mock-up does indeed look like a step in the right direction.

As a daily user of the tools on, I'd like to echo all of the feedback you have received so far.  What was once one of my favorite tools has become a daily source of frustration.  Fortunately, the feedback to date has covered most of my concerns and it sounds like you folks are listening.  My renewal does not come due for another 10 months so I am optimistic that you can address the problems with the new version of the tools.

A couple of items that I have not seen covered yet...

-- I notice that when I run two reports back to back, the results of the first report come up while the results of the second report are loading.  This is problematic as I am used to seeing no results until I get the results I'm looking for.  Seeing the previous results leads to confusion.  This is particularly problematic as...

-- I'm still finding that the report is tasking longer to run and timing out more frequently than in the past.  I know that you reported up thread that performance issues were being looked at so this is just a note that they persist.

-- Whois results often have trouble identifying the registrar which is something that only happened rarely in the past.

-- This one is a bit of nit pick but I'm in the habit of pasting the domain name in the text box and hitting enter rather than clicking the "run" button.  In the past this worked.  Now it works some of the time while other times it just clears out the text box and reloads the page.  This is a nit pick -- I should click the button but I am generally running reports while on the phone with customers and pulling the domain up on our name servers, in our billing system and on DNSStuff simultaneously and I like to move fast.

Ultimately, that was the appeal of DNSStuff and what I've been paying for.  Any experienced DNS administrator knows how to run all of these tests manually and I'm sure I could come up with scripts to run all of the tests I commonly need but, in the past this was a pointless endeavor as DNS Stuff was a one stop shop for nicely formatted, quick and convenient third party queries.  I'm hoping that this will be true again in the future but for now the tools have become a source of frustration more than anything else.

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Re: DNS Report Feedback & Thoughts


We're still processing all of the feedback and changes related to the level of detail provided in each test, however, yesterday we went live with a major change to DNSreport that matches the mockup above. Please please go check it out and let me know what you think. I've been using it myself and have found the previous version nearly completely unusable now that I've been using the new version.

The default choice ("New Look") is the remodeled DNSreport. The dropdown also lets you run the other version (NOT the old site's version), if for some reason anyone really does want it

Again, feedback about specific tests and the level of detail in DNSreport is still being considered, we just wanted to address the primary usability issues as quickly as we could.


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Re: DNS Report Feedback & Thoughts

A quick reply to let you know:

I logged in a day or two ago to use the DNS reporting tool and was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

The 'new' look, which appears as default, is a great mix of the original tool, and where it seems you want to take the UI.

I could find out what I wanted to know, quickly and clearly, the technical info/level was returned, nothing dumbed down.

The summary buttons at the top for errors/warnings/info etc are useful and so, are good.

Cheers, if it only improves from here on in, and does not get dumbed down again, or made unusable, then I *will* be renewing my account when it comes around.


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Re: DNS Report Feedback & Thoughts

I'll reiterate the improved satisfaction with the service.  I have been working with this tool since the original developer put it on the web as the standalone  What you're displaying now looks modern without getting in the way of clarity.  I particularly like the ability to export, and the fact that the exported pdf looks just as professional.

One thing that remains a problem:  Your mx tests are dodgy at best.  Whatever it was you changed... you broke it.  I just ran a test on my domain and it reports the following:

All mailservers appear to be open relays. This should be fixed as soon as possible, as these mail servers are open to exploitation by third parties to deliver unauthorized email. Your mail servers should only relay mail for domains they are authoritative for. | unexpected response to [QUIT] | 530 Relaying not allowed - REASON

ah... yeah.  Thats clearly not an open relay.  The mail server is SmarterMail so its not like its a home-brewed system.  Plus this report has handled my mail server just fine for years without incident.  Its not something I did.  I reported this a few weeks ago via email and was told it was a known issue.  Well... if you know about such a fundamental failure... deal with it.  If I have to send a report to someone, a bogus message like that sends up all kinds of red flags and starts unneeded discussion whose need does not exist.  It doesn't even seem to be a complex issue.  If you see a response code that begins with the character '5' that seems to be a pretty straightforward signal.

And if I don't get the above bogus error, I get one that says it can't connect to any mail servers.  Again, none of those problems used to come up.