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DNS Report Feedback & Thoughts

When we were reviewing the new DNS Report tool to tweak and improve the formatting of the output, we tried to make it easy to understand how many issues there were in each section. The previous tool made it very easy to find warnings and errors, though (by making them very yellow and very red), and several customers have commented that they like the old format.

We're going to be doing some improvement work on this tool to make it easier to read and understand, and we'll be going for something that's better than BOTH versions.

What did you love or hate about the old tool? What do you love or hate about the new tool?

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I am a long time user, and have been since its inception by the original developer. As such, this dramtic change in the format is not welcome at all. The orginal format was fast and easy to find the information I needed. Additionally, it is now a multistep process to send a link to the report to a user as proof of where the problem is, let alone the fact that I would not want to send the report as it is not neat and clean like the original.

Having to fill out a form to SEND the link some where is clunky at best and does not work for me. I end up having to send the link to myself, then from that email copy the link and paste it into the email I am sending to the reporting user, which is usally replying back to their email to me.

Great feedback.

Worth noting, one reason for the "share results" vs. sending a direct link is that using "share results" actually displays a cached copy of the IDENTICAL results that you saw, rather than re-running the tests which could potentially have different results. We are re-implementing direct links to the tools, too, so you'll be able to have a direct link that someone could copy/paste to drop in their URL bar and run the same test you did.

Having the ability to share the contents of the report, not just a link to the online contents of the report, is something we will look at adding back in. We'll need to look at the formatting of the email so that it's readable but still has all of the info.

In your opinion, would you place higher priority on emailing the report contents (they would look like they do on the page right now), or changing the report formatting?

Also, in your opinion, do you think emailing the results directly is only valuable for DNSreports, or would that be useful across other tools for you?


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Making sure the results any person I send the results to appears exactly the same as I see it is extremely important.

If the contents of the report as I see them can be shared easily INTO an email I am creating or replying to, that would be preferred over sending a link to the entire report.

As for which is higher priority, emailing reports or changing the report format, I would have to say the report format is higher priority.

Yes, there are other tools that would also be beneficial if those results could be sent as well.

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the new is terrible

the old was much better

better overlook in the old

the new is like finding the needle in a haystack

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Product Manager

Much appreciated. The "needle in the haystack" comment seems to be spot on to other customer feedback.

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