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Convert UDT Summary Page Widget to a Report

On the UDT Summary Page there is a built-in Widget named, "Top XX Nodes by Percent Ports Used" and it includes columns: "Node, % Ports Used, Ports Available, Ports Used".  I would like to convert that simple chart into a Report that can be run monthly.

However, the built-in UDT Capacity and Unused Port Reports are not even close to this widget - they either have way too detailed info listing every port with .  I tried using some SQL reports listed in the community pages here, but I still get many switches reporting single digit numbers for used/unused when it should be in the hundreds. (the Widget has the most correct numbers based on physical/manual switch checks).

I'll include an image below to show the discrepancies between the built-in widget on the left and the best report I could find to try and duplicate this on the right (found in the forums here)

Unused Ports.jpg

Basically, I'd like to take what's in the Widget on the left and be able to run that as a monthly report for capacity planning.

We are targeting for Physically Open (i.e. not patched) ports, but would also consider re-using ports that have not seen traffic in 30 days.  What time-frame does "unused" refer to?  Can this be changed/defined to 30, 60, 90 days?

Also, sort/filter help would be nice - I would need to sort by name of the switch rather than % used.  Filter with switch names containing 3 letters "GLE" rather than all nodes.

Appreciate the help here on my first post.  Thank you in advance!

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