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Product Manager
Product Manager

Hi @Seashore 

FYI:  DPA 2020.4 RC2 is now out. 

Regarding the simple/advanced switch for FindSQL being inside an information box, I totally agree that is unexpected. We're going to adjust that to a different mechanism. Hopefully, we can fit that into the final release candidate. 

On your other comment about the resource graphs, those graphs are currently limited to metrics at the DB instance level. However, for the backup related alerts, we've made those output the list of databases not meeting the thresholds.

There are several metrics, that we'd like the ability to provide not only finer granularity at the db level but in some cases at the table level. What would you think about something like upon clicking the server/instance level graph causing a details table to display showing rows for individual databases or tables depending on the metric? 

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