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Product Manager
Product Manager

Hi @Seashore,

Thanks for the feedback! 

On your comment of the simple/advanced mode not being intuitive: Is it the toggling between simple/advanced that isn't intuitive or how to use simple vs. advanced mode syntax and options?

By the way, did you follow the links to the FindSQL documentation, and was the content there helpful? Anything missing or confusing?  

On the backup graphs, were there any particular graphs you would like to see better descriptions of?

Here's some more information for 3 of these:

  • Active Backup Jobs - See if spikes (e.g., For a short period of time have 5 backups happening) correspond to increases in query I/O wait times.
  • Size of Transaction Logs Not Yet Archived - Identify what periods of time the transaction activity spikes, so that you can increase the frequency of backups in those intervals to avoid running out of space for the transaction logs. Since the size of transaction logs typically corresponds to transaction change activity, this can also be used to track that as well.
  • Sum of All Backup Assets Required for Recovery of All DBs - If a restore/recovery of an instance were required to the same or an alternate host, this tracks how much space would have to be available to restore the most recent full backup, most recent subsequent differential, and all transaction logs after the last backup. Not having enough space to restore all these assets could lead to more complicated recovery scenarios. 


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