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Product Manager
Product Manager

Release Candidate #3 of SolarWinds® DPA 2020.4 is Now Available!

We’re pleased to announce that the Third Release Candidate of SolarWinds® DPA 2020.4 is now available.

You can find the available release candidates for DPA in the SolarWinds® Customer Portal.

DPA 2020.4 RC3 resolves a problem experienced by a few customers where the DPA Server periodically crashes after a few days.

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In this release, you’ll find the following enhancements:

  • Find SQL – New SQL Diagnostics Workflow – Find SQL, a powerful new DPA feature, allows you to search for and diagnose problems involving specific queries. Typically, DPA displays the top “N” slowest queries. Now you can search for and analyze any query using whatever contextual information you know about the problem. 
    • Even if you have no idea of the query statement itself, you can search for queries:
      • Executed by particular database user(s)
      • Originated from specific hosts(s)
      • Ran as part of a specific application(s)
      • Queried specific database(s)
      • Combine any or all of the filters above
    •  If you know anything about the content of a query statement, you can enhance the search for queries matching the whole or a portion of a SQL statement, such as just finding queries referencing specific tables or column names.

Example Find SQL Query 02.png

  • Microsoft SQL Server TempDB Analysis - SQL Server leverages the TempDB database to store temporary, active transaction data it can’t maintain in memory. The health and resources of the TempDB are critical for query execution and performance. DPA now tracks resources and alerts on SQL Server TempDB and TempDB Log File health.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Backup Analysis – The success and frequency of backing up SQL Server Databases and Transaction Logs are important to the recoverability of those databases. DPA now tracks backup storage assets and activity (or the lack of it). In addition to alerting on backup policy or backup storage violations, DPA allows you to identify whether concurrent backup jobs are impacting query performance.
  • Enhanced Charts for Resource Metrics – Charts for all resource metrics are getting an upgrade with improved presentation and capabilities.

New Nova Resource Graphs screen capture.png

  • New Security Role for User Management – A new “User Manager” role has been created, which has the ability to administrate DPA users without any access to data DPA collects from monitored database instances or the analysis of this data. Companies can leverage this role to provide separation of duties between DPA user management and DPA administration.
  • DPA Repository Support for MySQL 8 – Use of MySQL 8 for DPA Repositories is now supported.
  • Reduced Privilege Registration of Databases – DPA Administrators can now register Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and SAP ASE (Sybase) DB instances for analysis with reduced privilege credentials (i.e., not requiring DB System Administrator username/password).
  • Support analysis of IBM Db2 11.5 Databases 

View the release notes on to learn more about the release. Release candidates are fully supported in production environments.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on this release candidate as you begin to use these new features in your day-to-day workflow.