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Level 9

SQLSERVER error are not shown or managed by DPA/Ignite

Hello Experts

this area of the forum seems rather sedated ...

our evaluation of Ignite has gone mostly well.

until i noticed that errors are not actually captured by Ignite.

that came as a bit of a surprise

in one of the SQLSERVER instances there were some errors related to backups

whereas RedGate offering displayed this errors, Ignite just ignored them.

so i wonder if i am missing a trick when using the tool

or if there is some work done to bring this type of info into Ignite?


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Level 9

in fact, I had not fully understood how to use the Alerts in DPA.


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Level 8

There is a built-in Administrative Alert that will send an email when Error Log entries appear that match a particular search string.  Let me know if you need any help getting it set up.