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Settings getting ignored while using Mini Remote Control in a RDP session

Hello everyone,

I’m experiencing a strange issue I seem to be unable to fix and I was wondering if somebody might know why that is and how to fix it.


I work in a IT-Department and we are currently working from HomeOffice. We use our Laptops (VPN) to rdp onto a computer in the company and from there we use Mini Remote Control to connect to other computers at the company.

Technically this all works fine, but I noticed that it keeps ignoring the disabled desktop effects i.e.. hiding the wallpaper for better performance. Which makes everything very slow once you are connected. I tried different settings in this menu and my rdp session. I reset everything no change. When I am at the company everything works as it should, but once i am connected via rdp for some reason all these settings are getting ignored.


I would really appreciate it if someone could help me with this issue or has an idea why this is happening.


Thanks and Regards


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