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R.I.P. Dameware - A great product killed by lack of support and no development

Dear Solarwinds,

You have ruined a great product with your lack of support and development. One of the best remote control products and one that i have used for over 10+ years BEFORE you bought it and decided to put it on a shelf and never touch it. This is a product that was one of the things i would tell my employer i had to have after being hired. A product that has saved me an abundance amount of time and resources now goes by the waste side. I just got my company to purchase many licenses for our helpdesk, training, and billing staff to use a year ago and now i am actively looking to dump it and go with another product. I am so ashamed of you Solarwinds and so saddened that i have to do this after loving this product for so many years. I really wish your company never bought out the original company developing this "used to be awesome" product.

with that said...... i know have to say.... "R.I.P. Dameware Remote Support (formerly Dameware NT Utilities). You were a great product before you were bought out and put on a shelf never to be developed or supported again"

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