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Multiple Monitors

My workstation has two monitors. The remote system is a VM on our network. I've been using Windows RDP (mstsc /admin) app to connect to remote system. With this program I am able to work on the remote VM with my two physical monitors, each having their own desktop. This is really nice for development purposes for me. There are no scorllbars and it's full screen with the full resolution my video card can handle. It's as if I was working on the VM directly with two monitors. This is really nice.

Today I had DameWare ver 12 installed by our systems gurus and I was trying to setup the same experience without success. Is this even possible?

The closest I came up with was to stretch DameWare window across my two monitors, but then things get skewed and both vertical and horizontal scrollbars appear which makes development process a pain.

So, is it possible to configure DameWare to use like the windows native "mstsc" program?

Reason for looking at other solutions is due to a global disconnect policy the company has put in place that terminates all my open dev tools after 30 min of inactivity. DameWare ignores that policy.

Thank you.

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