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Moving Dameware Central Server to new server host


We are running Dameware Central Server , Mobile Gateway and Internet Proxy on a Windows 2008 Server

We are decommisioning WIndows Server 2008 and want to move our Dameware Central Server, Mobile Gateway and Internet Proxy onto a new Windows Server 2016 host

We have it running in centralised server mode and use AD authentication for Remote Support and Mini Remote support to users with access to Mini and Remote Support clients.

Can we move this over to our new server without loosing or disrupting its current service?

I was thinking it may be possible to install Dameware central server on our new host first and create a AD task sync to the same AD user groups. Then once that is completed we can change our users clients to redirect to the new host

Is this possible and if so am I correct in thinking this will not cause in loss of server or distruption to Remote Support and Mini Remote clients?

Could this cause any conflicts between the current and the new hosts running Dameware Central Server?


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Yes I saw that KB but I dont think it applies to what I am trying to do

I want to set up a new instance of the Dameware Central Server with AD authentication and have it running simultaneously and ready to go before we switch users running Mini Remote and Remote support over to the new host

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