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Low refreshrate on Windows 10 ver.1709

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Good afternoon
After installing WINDOWS 10, and upgrading it to version 1709 when connecting DAMEWARE, low FPS is observed on these computers. The quality of the connection is 1Gb. On other computers, there is no such problem.

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Great news! We now have a Beta release, that fixes this issue: Dameware 12.1 Beta 1 is now available

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We're still using DameWare 11 here but I managed to minimize this issue by simply setting "Scan Block" to 2 and disabling all Desktop Effects.

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This should be resolved with version 12.1 of DameWare which is now generally available to customers with active maintenance. 

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So 12.1 is not a version where we'd have to buy new licenses and can use the one for 11.1 still?

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If you are under current maintenance, yes, the new version should be available in the customer portal.  We do not make you pay for new version upgrades, you just have to be under active maintenance.

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Hi Dameware

Revisiting this old thread. Is Mini- Remote lag issue/performance fixed now in Windows 10?

Our company are looking to upgrade our Windows 10 systems to 1809 soon

Its been a long time since I last tested Dameware and the beta version you released had issues

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Hi All,

Despite that Dameware is great product, when use with Win10, arf...

When I used in a LAN, it's ok, but when times comes with users over Internet (even if the user have great connection), there's approx 2 or 3 seconde refresh screen time.

I've tried many many many combinaisons of parameters, 2-3 s is the best that I could have... With Teamviewer, the results is way better, I don't understand why..

**bleep**, so lagguy...

Is there any further coming improvements ?

Thank you all.


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If you have tried searching online and not found the solution of the file explorer in windows 10 computers so, you can try to fix this hurdle and the file saved in your operating system.

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Tested RC 12.1. Very good Performance and Response while remote.

Some disturbing Things are still here.

2018-10-15 12_54_25-cnw2k182 - Connected - DameWare Mini Remote Control - [1].jpg

Display refresh rate (how I understand it) is slow. Sometimes I can paint on screen

Sometimes the remote session is like hanging. No Chance to interact with remote Computer. Need to disconnect and reconnect again.

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Have you opened any support tickets yet on this issue with the RC so we can dig into it further?  If yes, can you send me or post your case number please?

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Is there any release notes for the release candidate 12.1 version?

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Does anyone else confirm problems with the "Switch RDP Session" function on RDS Windows Server 2016?

Loading the initial desktop and switching to another session is very slow. Sometimes/mostly even the Dameware service crashes and has to be started manually on the RDS System again.

The problem occurs with the new 12.1 RC and even with the previous version. We thougth that it would get better with the new update.

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Do you know if you have ever opened a support ticket on this previously?  If so, do you happen to know the case number and I can dig into things on this side as well.

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I tried to install the RC 12.1 but during install I Need to enter a valid License, which I don't have.

Eval is exipred due to earlier Tests with beta. How do I reset the eval lic?

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Either use another machine or you can ping me via DM or email and I can give you an update evaluation/trial key.

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So coming across an issues in our test group here at the office. 12.1 responds great with Windows 10 and I notice the difference from each software version but unfortunately, 12.1 Beta 1 seems to lock up the screen on my end while it still displays my mouse moving on the end-users computer. Disconnecting and reconnecting will allow the connection to be reestablished. This is caused but using the 12.1 Beta 2 on my desktop and 12.1 Beta 1 on the end users.

If we setup 12.1 Beta 2 on my desktop and the end users, we get an issue where the screen freezes on "Initializing Desktop, please wait."

We never had this I issue with 12.0.5 on our old systems so I figured it may still be a bug that's being worked on.

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I've got the same problem with version 12.1 beta 2 connecting Computer with Windows 10, but not all the Windows 10 were freeze at "initializing" screen. which is still confused me.

when i trying to remote a computer after installed the DMRC 12.1 Beta 2 on my laptop, there is a selection popped up that you can choose whether you want to install some update on your remote computer.

if you choose not to install the update, the performance would remain slow. and when you choose to install the update, the Freeze at "Initializing" happens.

here is the findings from the test I've just been done minutes ago.

there are 2 computers with Windows 10 that i had chose for the test.

Computer A: Frozen at the "initializing"


OS Build: 16299.611

Amount of items existing in the folder C:\Windows\dwrcs\: 97

Has been connected by other versions of DMRC Previously?: Yes, DMRC 12.0.5.



Computer B: not frozen at the "Initializing.

Version: 1709

OS Build: 16299.309

Amount of items existing in the folder C:\Windows\dwrcs\: 43

Has been connected by other versions of DMRC Previously?: No.



after i had copied and replaced the folder C:\Windows\dwrcs\ from B to A, and tried to remote Computer A using DMRC, it's worked as expected, the refresh rate is acceptable.

apparently I am not sure how these software works internally, that is why it is still confused me, hope the input helps you to figure out and fix the problem.  Thank you.

and it is appreciated that if you could send me an update when there's any useful updates or any beta/official version released.

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The release candidate for DameWare 12.1 is now available in the customer portal for download.  To remind folks, RC's are fully supported and can be deployed into production.

I'm looking at our Customer Portal and don't see the 12.1 release, just the 12.0.5. How do we go about getting version 12.1?

When going to the customer portal, click on the downloads tab then download products. You should see a list of product downloads but below the "Product Download" drop down menus, you should see an option that says RC download. Click on that option and it will take you to the 12.1 DMRC download (x64 and x86).