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Low refreshrate on Windows 10 ver.1709

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Good afternoon
After installing WINDOWS 10, and upgrading it to version 1709 when connecting DAMEWARE, low FPS is observed on these computers. The quality of the connection is 1Gb. On other computers, there is no such problem.

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Great news! We now have a Beta release, that fixes this issue: Dameware 12.1 Beta 1 is now available

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Some feedback here:

Just tested with a small team so far before releasing it to more users to test:

Found if Mirror Driver either setting Force 8,16 or 24 bit Display is checked the screen displays black or distorted like the image posted:

This is found under View > Default Host Properties > Mirror Driver Tab

distorted display force 24 bit under mirror driver tab setting.PNG

And then theres the lockscreen freezing during login transition to the desktop. Which a disconnect and reconnect fixes. This is stated in your beta notes as a known issue. More of a annoyance then show stopper

Any ETA yet when your updated version of the beta will be released?

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Hi Patrick, thank you for the feedback. We're shooting for a GA by the end of this quarter, but there are some other initiatives going on, that might affect my current schedule. I cannot commit to anything now.

It now doesn't work with windows 7? I just get no screens at all when connected.

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Beta release notes state that the Beta should be only used against Windows 8.1 +

When we ship full release, it will support Win 7 as well.

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what about centralized instalation? we don't have licence for per seat, only DameWare Remote Support Centralized can only use evaluation 14 days version...

Apologies for a timely response. I was on a PTO for couple of days and now I found your comment.

Purpose of Beta 1 is to test the new mirror driver against Win10 in customer's environment. We're now logging and fixing a few issues and based on how much impact the fixes will have, we'll release either Beta 2 standalone to run another test, or better case - release candidate (RC).

RC would be centralized and standalone, available via customer portal for all customers under active maintenance.


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I installed the beta and removed the productive agent on testmachine and installed the agent with default settings. Is there a need to to this or can I use the agent from version

Performance seems to be better. The session is more responsive. But I still have some lags and sometimes not an actual view from the client (need to use send refresh option).

If I grab a application windows and move it fast, it get distorted.

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You need to use the new agent. We have not tested upgrade scenarios and they are not recommended for the Beta.

We're still fine-tuning, but glad to hear, that the performance is better for you.

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Any answer to this question asked almost a week ago?

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Ok.  First, thanks to you Milan, and all the staff who worked hard on this one !...

Unfortunately, I've test DW12-1Beta on my computer few minutes ago and here's what I experienced :

From my Windows 10 surfacePRO4 I tried to reach my other Windows 10 - lenovoX1 Tablet, which has three (3) displays. 

The first is the tablet itself, the second and the third are my 2 HP displays

From my host, I could connect, what I also did with DW12, but I could not get my displays correctly.

When I selected the first display, I got the Tablet (which it was correct).  But when I clicked 2 or 3, I got the 'V' disposition (which I had by clicking 'V' too ...)

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This is a known issue in the Beta1 release. We'll fix it either in the next Beta or RC build.

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We're getting really close to having a Beta build. New mirror driver is now integrated with DMRC and it connects to Win10 machines! Finally. We now need to resolve small performance related issues and then ship a Beta build. Stay tuned! I received tons of requests from you to participate in our Beta program. As soon as we have Beta out, I'll post registration information to this thread as well. Thank you for your patience. Milan

Just wanted to see if there is any status updates on this fix. We really want to get Win 10 v1709 out the door and this bug is preventing us from rolling this out.

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Thomas, we're very close to Beta, meaning hours/days. I'll post Beta registration link here on THWACK for anyone who is interested.


We are having growing performance problems and would love to be in the beta as well

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Simply go to the page I mentioned above, register for the Beta and enjoy

You must be a DameWare customer under active maintenance.

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I am

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Yes please, I've been following this thread for some time now and have been waiting for a fix/workaround.

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I am 🙂

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Hi Milan

its been over 3 weeks since your last progressive update. Still waiting for beta build to test on our end so we can upgrade our systems to 1709...

I will throw in my hat also. Windows 10 and Windows 2016 lag hard, we would really like a fix also.

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