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Low refreshrate on Windows 10 ver.1709

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Good afternoon
After installing WINDOWS 10, and upgrading it to version 1709 when connecting DAMEWARE, low FPS is observed on these computers. The quality of the connection is 1Gb. On other computers, there is no such problem.

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Great news! We now have a Beta release, that fixes this issue: Dameware 12.1 Beta 1 is now available

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Same Problem here. We need a supported Version very urgent. We have currently 1400 Computers with Windows 10 - 1709 or 1803. Can we get an Beta Version or something?

HI Milan,

it has been an week since your last post, can you post an update of the current status?


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I do not have anything exciting yet. Saw a demo today, it worked. Team has to fix a few bugs and make sure that we give you stable build with no regression issues. So we'll also have to do a bit of testing before we launch beta.

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Are there any updates on this issue? The same thing happens on Server 2016 as well

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Bennett, we're seeing a good progress on a new driver. Once we have the driver signed and integrated with DameWare, I'll reach out to this group to do some early customer testing.

Still no update yet?

New model's are coming out that only support 1709 and above thus being unsupportable with Dameware...

We have Surface Book 2's being deployed to our fleet which will be unsupportable via Dameware

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We're incorporating the new driver to the DameWare MRC build and will soon start testing it. We're be running Beta with customers under active maintenance. If you're interested in Beta, send me an email to

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Are you going to release the fix for version 9 also ?

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New Mirror Drive will require a complete rebuild of DMRC -> so we'll be releasing a new version of DameWare, which will fully support Win10. We won't touch previous versions as it would require a rebuild and re-release of everything between v9 and current release + QA validation. That is not, what we generally do.

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milan.hulik  wrote:

New Mirror Drive will require a complete rebuild of DMRC -> so we'll be releasing a new version of DameWare

I'm actually glad to hear this. The old mirror driver was literally a decade old, so it is high time that it was totally rebuilt. Hopefully with some other new improvements too!

If we have active maintenance on a DMRC license, we should get this new version, correct?

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That’s correct. We’re also talking about features like support of 4k/8k resolutions, support of monitors with negative coordinates and support of OpenGL, Java and DirectX apps.

Thanks! I'll also note that I've seen oddities when trying to view remote desktops that have a USB adapter (to HDMI/VGA/DVI/whatever) where that USB adapted display does not show up through Dameware at all. Perhaps you guys could test some of those too?  Thanks.

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6 months have gone and still no solution.

Just tell us, If you do not want to develop this product anymore, don't fool with customers.

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All, completely understand the frustration, but let me quickly introduce myself.  I just returned to SWI a couple of months ago and lead product management and strategy for our Systems Management and tools portfolio of products and Milan is on my team.  In my previous stint here, I was at SWI for 6.5 years solely in product management.  I actually was at one time the PM of DameWare as well back in my earlier days.  To give folks an update on this front, while I don't have a firm timeline, we have a team actively working on this right now including consulting with an external firm which specializes in kernel level drivers for OS's.  We are getting much closer to have something ready, meaning months.  When we do have some beta or RC level code, please let me know if you are interested in helping us kick the tires.  Also please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss at

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Dear Brandon,

Is there is any update on this case ? we are still having probelm with display  on remote computers.

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Please give an update on this issue. Withour a sight on a fix we are dumping the our licences and won't refresh and jump to RealVNC

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I just posted my update about a week or so ago, so I do not have a ton of big updates to share vs. what I shared before.  We are supposed to get an internal update of the driver this week and then we need to incorporate into the product itself and do our own internal testing.  Let me sync with Milan on things and see what we can provide more specific or concrete. 

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Hi Brandon.

Please let me know when the beta is ready

We are looking at alternatives to Dameware but could you show us a proof of concept we could wait a Little longer.

Best Regards Björn

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Quick and dirty workaround is to disable MRC's mirror driver. When you launch DMRC, fill your user ID and credentials and right under credentials is a checkbox saying "Use MRC's Mirror Driver if available" - simply uncheck and connect.

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Minimal difference. Still a lag with Windows 10. I just talked our whole department into purchasing Dameware! Didn't realize there would be this issue with Windows 10.

No noticeable difference for me, issue is still there.

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