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Level 7

Low refreshrate on Windows 10 ver.1709

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Good afternoon
After installing WINDOWS 10, and upgrading it to version 1709 when connecting DAMEWARE, low FPS is observed on these computers. The quality of the connection is 1Gb. On other computers, there is no such problem.

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Level 12

Great news! We now have a Beta release, that fixes this issue: Dameware 12.1 Beta 1 is now available

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Did not work, remote screen turned white and not functional

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It's been 4 months since the problem was discovered. No fix has been made since ?

Please, give us news about this issue and release an update as soon as possible to solve this.

It becomes problematic for our computer park of more than 1500 computers.

Thank you in advance

Best Regards.

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I am having the same issue. Is there an update?

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The settings suggested helped with the clipping issue of Win 10 1709.

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Level 7

I have noticed the same issue. I thought it was just me or the system lagging. Its annoying but I can deal with it for now with as few systems we have running 1709. As that number increases though it could become more of an issue.

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