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Level 8

Dameware Remote Support

  1. Can dameware be installed if other applications reside on the same server. For example ( I have windows admin center application installed on a Server A. Can I install Dameware Centralized on Server A ).
  2. Can I use the same license to install on Server A (QA environment) and Server B ( Production environment). Sometime I need to test it first before putting in Production.
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Level 15

Re: Dameware Remote Support

1. Yes.  Although its likely to get me a stern talking to, you can install Dameware on servers with other applications running.   performance might be impacted depending on the scale of your environment.  Obviously you need to monitor for side-effects.

2. usually you can register a Dameware license 3 times for a single user.   That should allow you to use on both QA and Production.  You need to be honest however.   If you are going to be using them both for production activities you should buy an additional license. 

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