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Dameware Internet Proxy How-To

Is there a video or document that gives a step by step how-to on setting up the Dameware Remote Support Internet Proxy so we can support users outside the corporate network?

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Here is a link to the installation document.

It is a pretty good doc. 


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I get that you basically put it a custom url in the Dameware software, and open the ports on the router. 

Are there additional steps needed for this? 

Do I need to add anything in our public website DNS or internal DNS for this to work? 

For the custom url, can I do something like Does that need an internal and external DNS entry?

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I have two server setup. Central and internet proxy.

Internet proxy server in dmz

Open port on nat side to talk to the central server 6133,6129 and 6139

ON firewall side -  

see this article -

i do not have iis installed. - See Installation pdf

Dameware Internet Proxy installed without a Web Server When you deploy the Dameware Internet Proxy on a computer without a web server, you or your network administrator must open port 443 on your firewall or router. Create a forwarding rule so that all TCP traffic going to your Internet Session URL is directed to your Dameware Internet Proxy instance. You must also allow ports 80, 6129, 6130, 6132, and 6133 to listen for incoming connections.
If you do not have a security certificate from a certificate authority installed, end users may encounter security warnings if they download an Internet Session agent before joining an Internet Session.

follow this article -

create a external third party certificate from that server -

after all above - open configuration wizard and save it again.

If you still have question, let me know





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I've seen and read the documentation. I'm looking for a step by step video or guide with examples of how to set it up. 

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