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DameWare Central Server v12 Using TLS 1.0

Why is DameWare Central Server v12 Admin Console using TLS 1.0? Is there a way to change it to only use TLS 1.2?

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Since this post is still the first Google Result for a few relevant searches:


For anyone still finding this post 3+ years later, the answer is to upgrade Central server to v 12.1.1 or above. 12.1.1 was released 4/2/2020. Prior to that there was not a fix (At least not one that I could located). 

Prior to 12.1.1 the central server still forced both TLS1.0 and SSL3 on port 6132, even if the operating system registry had them flagged as disabled. 

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I have the same issue. When I disable the TLS1.0 encryption protocol it breaks. And when I enable it I fail my PCI DSS compliance checks.

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We were able to get this resolved via a combo of 12.1.1 and a custom hotfix\buddydrop issued by the Dev team.

Edit: Support case # was 00509044 in case anyone else needs to reference it in their own support requests. 

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Can you share this fix please?

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Spoke with Ivo on this on another call. Please contact SW Support and they can provide the fix for this via the regular support channels. They have an internal KB article about it now and can get you fixed up. 

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Clan you clarify whether buddy drops can be shared? If so, I'm happy to let others use the fix that your team provided.

Or, even better, can we can get a public hotfix for 12.1.1 posted on the product page that includes this fix? I know there are other Federal agencies that are looking for it as well once our vulnerability fix got pushed upwards during reporting. 

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